This book is not intended to be within the guidelines of the English language, . . . any religion, . . . any group,
                                  or  established laws of man.

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.                Proverbs 37:21

 Because it seems right to us, we will not see how we are messing things up until it is almost too late. . . . I say almost because

it'¬ôs never too late to call on the Name of the Lord.


   Satan   wants  you  to  think

                its  to  late  to  save  our  teens . . . .

      Its  just  another  one  of  His  deceptions


For Parents and Teens

A booklet to guild parents in training our youth, and

It teaches teens how to deal with todays world in a Christain way


A  very  casual .  .  .  simple, 

                                and    sometimes  funny

                     way  to  grow


    8.5  X  5.5    28 pages


    8.5  X  11    52 pages